Discover the true racing spirit of Honda

Honda return to Formula1 with an ultimate energy efficient engine and a hunger to advance the future of automotive racing. We created a fully responsive website that is highly accessible, entertaining and as well as existing F1 fans attracts a new young and curious audience.

We turn the engines into heroes. We celebrate the Honda racing spirit. We showcase the incredible lengths the Honda engineers will go too with their research to reach their goals. We invite our audience to get involved and enjoy Formula1. 


MY ROLE  Art direction and design            AGENCY  DigitasLBi




A Formula1 website as you have never seen before

It doesn’t take long to realise most Formula1 websites look the same. They are designed for hardcore F1 fans, with a serious, dramatic and heavy feel. The Honda philosophy differs with a spirit that is joyful, playful, positive and alive. 

We have done a vast amount of research on the Formula1 world to decide where we wanted to position Honda in this competitive field. The results are here to see.


The design language conveys personality and shows the passion for the sport

It is a mixture of the playful and the engineered. A layout that feels organic and spacious with a natural hierarchical structure. It has a modern and accessible design that aims to attract men and women from all demographics which includes fans and potential fans of Formula1.


We turn the engines into heroes.

The idea to give life to each of our 8 engines is highly innovative and lots of fun. Creating their personalities, suggesting their powers and dreams makes it easier to digest this usually heavy content. It’s now more understandable and enjoyable for everyone. Fans can help to create each engine during the season by submitting their ideas via Twitter.


The same great experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.