Responsive site to help businesses owners to manage their cashflow

CastDirection crunches the numbers to provide lightning fast cash flow forecasts. It analyses and visualises daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly cash flow forecasts to grow businesses with confidence. It removes the uncertainty of future cash flows to give the insights & analysis on demand.

I was responsible for the creative, art direction, and designs of the responsive website tool and branding.


MY ROLE  Art direction and design         AGENCY  IAMMANU / SCHB




A highly interactive and smart budgeting, targeting and reporting tool

CastDirection removes the hassle by reducing the time it takes to create and maintain cash flow forecasts. Enabling the user to set budgets and targets for the key performance areas of the business and track the progress in an easy and engaging way.


Powerful scenario planning

Expanding to new premises? Taking on new employees? Awarded a new lucrative contract? 

With CastDirection it’s easy to understand how different scenarios impact the cash in a business with the intelligent scenario planner. Combine, adjust and compare scenarios to business owners to make the right decisions for their businesses. 


Giving a fresh look to the typical financial world

A contemporary art direction that is innovative and bold with engaging designs that conveys confidence. A fresh perspective is given to the usual boring presentation we’re used to seeing in the industry.


Access anywhere

CastDirection is available to your business everywhere you are. From your phone, tablet and desktop, all designed to be quick and simple to use.