AM:PM:AD Timelapse – Bringing to life the past, present and future through sound.

As part of the Hack The Barbican competition, AM:PM:AD Timelapse was an innovative installation featuring a 24-hour clock. Historical dates were mapped to real time, exploring London’s past, present and future through sound. Highlighted times of the day became the equivalent year, at 13:48 visitors would hear the mournful cries of the Black Death, at 19:40 would find themselves in the middle of the Blitz and at 20:12 the celebratory cheers of the Olympic Games.


MY ROLE   Concept, Art Direction and Design


London goes through a building boom

Building of the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, the London Underground and Royal Albert Hall are underway in 1850. Find yourself back in time listening to the sound below.


The installation in your hands

The mobile site could be used at the Barbican to check the events that were playing or to experience the installation from afar.   


AM:PM:AD Timelapse was a collaboration between friends for the Hack the Barbican competition in only a week.

Designer, producers, copywriters, research peeps and tech geeks: Manuela Silva, Victoria Trow, Ricky Burgess, Kevin Mar-Molinero, Lorenzo Wood, Simon Attwater, Nick Collings, Anna Morley, Gavin McReady, Ian Huntington, Katherine Hudson, Yuri Yoshimura.


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